SOB Code of Conduct

            Integrity and honesty in the performance of all activities both inside and outside the classroom are essential in both the Smithtown business education environment and the world that lies beyond high school. Because of this, each member of the Smithtown School of Business community accepts the personal responsibility to uphold and defend high ethical and moral standards in all endeavors and to promote an atmosphere from which achievement, creativity, and enrichment may spring.

Preparedness: Students should be willing and able to work with instructors and peers daily in the pursuit of classroom goals. Timeliness is an important virtue in school and beyond and students shall strive to arrive properly equipped at the proper time.

Participation: Students should be involved in the learning conversation both during and outside of class. Being focused and positively contributing to the classroom environment are necessities.

Behavior: Each and every student should make every effort to act in a courteous manner to fellow classmates, instructors, and guests. Students must act respectfully and responsibly in all arenas of school and life. Positive behavior is expected in all areas of school life.

Work Ethic: Students must put a positive effort into all assignments and tasks. Seeing tasks through to a successful completion is an essential quality.

Property and Privacy: Students must respect another individual’s property and subsequent privacy both physical and virtual. Objects and data both have their rightful owners.

Community: Students should realize that we live in a greater community and that service to it is an integral part of education and citizenship. Conversely, detrimental action in the community is not tolerated.

The Smithtown School of Business strives to bring quality business education to the Smithtown Central School District. The School of Business also works to create an enriching environment for students via co-curricular activities and partnerships. Each student needs to do his or her part to help create the best possible experience.