CTE Endorsement for Graduation

The Smithtown High School – School of Business is proud to announce that all business students will now be eligible to receive two additional endorsements from NYS on their high school diploma if they meet the required criteria.  New York State has approved eligible students to receive the NYS Marketing  and Accounting/Finance Pathways CTE Endorsements/Seals.  These endorsements will show potential colleges and employers that the student has met the requirements of content in coursework as well as work experience, which is the cornerstone of our department.  In addition, the approved pathways can also be used as a graduation requirement under the   “4 + 1” pathway for graduation for both the Regents and Advanced Regents Diploma (in addition to the 22 units of credit students need).  Multiple pathways recognize the importance of engaging students in rigorous and relevant academic programs.  You can visit the NYSED website for further information:  http://www.nysed.gov/curriculum-instruction/multiple-pathways.  This site has the information on the Regents and Advanced Regents Diploma requirements:  http://www.nysed.gov/curriculum-instruction/diploma-types.

Regents Diploma: Graphic showing five assessments required for Regents or local diploma:  English language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and a pathway.

Advanced Regents Diploma: Graphic showing eight assessment requirements for advanced designation:  English language arts, 3 mathematics, 2 science, social studies, and a pathway.

As career readiness is our main goal in the Smithtown School of Business, we strive, through all our courses, to not only bring a high level of knowledge in business and prepare them for college but also for their career success through all of our programs.  This NYS CTE Endorsements will validate all of their hard work and efforts to not only themselves, their family, the colleges but to future employers. 

As most of our students begin taking initial business foundation courses in their freshman year, this would provide them enough time to plan for this pathway throughout their time in high school.  Sophomores and Juniors who have been taking business courses have a tremendous opportunity to find out which requirements they are missing and plan their coursework accordingly to achieve these endorsements.

Once again, we are very proud to be recognized by NYS for the business programs we offer here at Smithtown High School and we look forward to continuing to assist our students to achieve these distinctions.  We encourage you to take a look at the “Marketing” and “Accounting/Finance” tabs in the menu to explore your options!