Grades 9-12

Half Year, .5 Credit

Accounting is the “language of business” and is a necessary course for all college business majors. Learn the basics of understanding business financials.  This course stresses the principles and procedures needed to build a beginning foundation in

accounting fundamentals. The course will assist students in becoming critical thinkers and problem solvers. This course is recommended as a prerequisite to College Accounting for those students who have no prior knowledge of accounting concepts.



Grade 12 Only

Half Year, .5 Credit

3 College Credits – SUNY Farmingdale

Business Communications is a semester course that develops one of the most essential 21st Century skills – communication. The following aspects of communications will be addressed – writing, reading, researching, listening, speaking, and presenting. Students will learn to analyze information, compose documents, and develop and strategize concepts and ideas in order to best present the information in a concise, professional format. Various forms of technology will be incorporated into the course to enhance the

presentation skills. Students will use computers and software such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint as well as Internet access to accomplish a variety of communication projects. This course will develop a wide range of competencies that are essential

for post-secondary success. A culminating project is required for course credit. This course is related to the Career Development and Occupational Studies and the

English Language Arts Learning Standards.

Members of the class may elect to take the course for 3 college

credits from SUNY Farmingdale. Credit for this course may be used

to meet .5 (one-half credit) of the Senior English requirement.




BCA (5050)

Grades 10-12

Half Year, .5 Credit

3 College Credits – SUNY Farmingdale

Throw away your papers and pen, calculators and pencils! Using the latest version of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Publisher & PowerPoint), students will learn the basics of word processing, spreadsheets, databases and computerized presentations.

Students will also explore the creation of their own websites, as well as current trends in

technological communication and networking. They will have hands on experience on new Dell equipment, using a Windows environment. Students will become familiar with applications that are commonly used in both the college classroom and the workplace. The applications learned can be used for communications, business, graphic arts, science, math and engineering. Microsoft Office is the preferred program by most

large and small companies in the USA. It is essential that every high school graduate be competent in these programs in today’s highly technological world. No previous

programming experience is required, although the ability to keyboard proficiently is


Members of the class may elect to take the course for 3 college

credits from SUNY Farmingdale.




(Formerly Business Math)

Grades 10-12

Full Year, 1 Credit

This course blends math with business; it deals with mathematical financial issues in

personal and business situations. Some topics include banking, checking and savings, calculating loan payments, preparing payroll and income taxes, and personal investing for the future. Computer applications will be used to reinforce class discussions.

Credit for this course may be used to meet third year Math requirements.


Grades 10-12

Full Year, 1 Credit

3 College Credits – SUNY Farmingdale

Planning on majoring in accounting, management, marketing, finance or any other

business area in college? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to own your own business? Then this class is for you. Build your foundation now with this

college-level accounting course designed for the motivated student. The topics covered are those in a college introductory course. No previous accounting course is required. Students will learn to tackle the requirements of a college course. Information will

be applied in a variety of novel situations. The computer will also be utilized for various applications. Students will be responsible for managing the books for various companies through the use of Quickbooks Accounting Software.


Members of the class may elect to take the course for 3 college credits from SUNY Farmingdale. Credit for this course may be used

to meet math requirements.



Grades 11-12

Full Year, 1 Credit

3 College Credits – SUNY Farmingdale

Prerequisite: College Accounting


This course is designed for the highly motivated, above-average high school student who has a strong interest in Accounting. The topics covered are those that are taught in a second term College Accounting course. This course will cover topics such as account

classification, financial statements for Partnerships and Corporations, Retained Earnings, earnings per share, notes and bonds payable, budgets, cash flow statements and

managerial accounting. The computer will also be utilized to enhance the learning of the above topics. It will provide practical applications of the learned material. Students will be completing an accounting simulation of maintaining the records for a travel agency.


Members of the class may elect to take the course for 3 college credits from SUNY Farmingdale. Credit for this course may be used to meet math requirements.



Grades 10-12

Full Year, 1 Credit

6 College Credits –SUNY Farmingdale

Business Law is designed to have students learn and apply the fundamental principles behind law that involve an individual’s personal and occupational life. This course will explore legal issues such as marriage (family law), employment law, real estate (property law), corporate law, and contract law with the use of the Internet, presentations from guest speakers, courtroom field trip observations, and in-class mock

trials. It is beneficial for students who will attend college and pursue a career in law, business administration or accounting. Good reading comprehension is essential.


Members of the class may elect to take the course for 6 college credits from SUNY Farmingdale.



Grades 11-12

Half Year, .5 Credit

Attention all college-bound students!! Managing all the stress and anxiety of your first year in college can have a negative impact on your initial GPA. The Smithtown School of Business is now offering this college seminar course designed to prepare you for an easier transition into the college environment. The course provides students with the skills they need to become critical thinkers and active learners. After being exposed to the differences between the high school and college environment, students will find the transition easier. Based on increasing self-awareness, the course puts students in a position to reason and make better decisions.


This course is recommended for juniors in the spring semester and seniors in the fall semester.




Grades 10-12

Full Year, 1 Credit

6 College Credits – SUNY Farmingdale

How would you like to learn how to start your own real online business? More and more

Americans are finding ways to start and succeed in their own small businesses using the Internet and e-commerce. Students will have the opportunity to use our advanced computer lab, Internet resources and a custom created cyberspace textbook to develop an e-commerce business plan. All students who successfully complete this course will leave with a comprehensive business plan and a website to sell their online product or service. Students will also be assigned a technology mentor to help them develop their

business plan and online web site. These “e-mentors” volunteer their time from a wide variety of technology companies throughout Long Island. Guest speakers and field trips will be provided throughout the year to enrich the course content. This is an excellent

course for DECA preparation for regional, state, and national competitions. This course is a must for the new millennium!


Members of the class may elect to take the course for 6 college credits from SUNY Farmingdale.



Grades 9-12

Half Year, .5 Credit

This course is designed to give you the latest information on the trends which will affect every aspect of how you look and dress. Do you dream of designers such as Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, or Ralph Lauren? Students will be introduced to the terminology and

fundamentals of the fashion industry. Visits from Clinique, Laboratory Institute of

Merchandising, and a textile designer highlight the course.

Students who achieve a final average of at least a “B” or better will be eligible to receive 3 college credits for one fashion elective at the Laboratory Institute of

Merchandising in Manhattan. Students must submit a finalofficial high school transcript to the college upon graduation.




Grades 9-12

Half Year, .5 Credit


Students will see the place of apparel and accessories in the world of fashion design and

merchandising. Students study the manufacturing of materials and the evolution of apparel through the history of costumes. Students become familiar with the buying,

merchandising, and marketing of all accessory classifications. These include handbags, shoes, jewelry, gloves, neckwear, belts, millinery and cosmetics. Students become

versed in designers and accessory terminology, and they explore the various stages of display development.

Students who achieve a final average of at least a “B” or better will be eligible to receive 3 college credits for one fashion elective at the Laboratory Institute of

Merchandising in Manhattan. Students must submit a final official high school transcript to the college upon graduation.




Grades 9-12

Half Year, .5 Credit

Discover the exciting world of business and what it can offer you. Learn about different segments of business activities such as the free enterprise system, American and other economic systems, and types of business ownership, organization, production and

marketing. Become familiar with the modern business environment and terminology. Students will be introduced to many facets of American business.




Grades 9-12

Half Year, .5 Credit

The purpose of this course is to provide students with skills for money management. This introductory course defines practical mechanics of day-to-day living and spending. Start with a goal, create a plan, implement your plan and adjust as needed to accomplish your financial goals. Learn the skills and competencies needed for success in the workplace and to begin to become financially literate. This course has also been developed to allow students to begin to meet the Career Development and

Occupational Studies (CDOS) learning standards at the commencement level. Topics

covered include banking and economic systems, budgeting, investments, insurance, credit, financial literacy and career planning.

This is a required course for students graduating with a CTE sequence.



BEYOND (5170)

Grades 9-12

Half Year, .5 Credit

Students enrolled in this course will develop accurate keyboarding skills with the use of our computer aided keyboarding software. Given the usage of computers in school and business, keyboarding is an essential part of a student’s academic and non-academic life. This course will enable students to learn the touch system of keyboarding and then apply these skills in the latest word processing applications. As a part of this course, students will learn various types of formatting of essential business documents using

Microsoft software. Keyboarding will help students in all of their academic courses and open the door for these students to basic computer application courses.




Grades 10-12

Full Year, 1 Credit

6 College Credits – SUNY Farmingdale


From Madison Avenue To Montauk! Explore the psychology of promoting and selling goods and services. Learn how and why Great Adventure and Disney World

sell their amusement parks to you, the consumer. Learn how major stores such as Abercrombie & Fitch and McDonald’s target customers and develop marketing

strategies for those customers. Students examine consumer behavior and government

regulations pertaining to the business world. Current events, trends, and case studies will be integrated and evaluated throughout the classroom discussions. The course will

culminate with the creation of a marketing plan and presentation for a product that the student will invent for the Smithtown marketplace. Guest speakers, field trips and hands-on projects are all part of this exciting year. This course is also the foundation

course for our school’s DECA chapter, a co-curricular national marketing association. Students are encouraged to join and participate.

Members of the class may elect to take the course for 6 college credits from SUNY Farmingdale.



Grades 9-12

Half Year, .5 Credit

Students find that study time is greatly reduced and that grades improve when they

conscientiously apply study skills. In Skills for Success students will learn time-management strategies for improving academic performance as well as strategies

to improve test performance. In addition, they will learn how to improve their reading

comprehension by using SQ3R and work on various strategies for improving concentration and memory. Students will learn how to control their study environment so that they can concentrate at a higher level and cut down study time. Note taking

and in-class skills will be developed during this half year course. By becoming a better

student you will be able to enjoy success in the classroom, and Skills for Success can help you achieve this!


Grades 9-12

Half Year, .5 Credit

Would you like to be a part of one of the fastest growing college majors and one of the most exciting and lucrative industries of the future? This course is designed for students with an interest in the sports industry and its related careers. Basic marketing principles

will be studied and applied through projects and using Internet simulations. Guest

speakers from the metropolitan area as well as field trips to local venues will broaden the classroom learning. The students will actively use their skills to promote sporting

events both on campus and within the community.



Grades 10-12

Half Year, .5 Credit

3 College Credits – Dowling College

Prerequisite: Sports Marketing

Imagine yourself managing the World Series or NFL champions. Would you like to be responsible for running Madison Square Garden, the “World’s Most Famous Arena”? Learn how teams are owned and operated within today’s dynamic sports business

world. Management principles will be used to explore this exciting industry with emphasis on such topics as collective bargaining, contracts, and sports law.

Students will analyze the various teams and leagues in the metropolitan area and apply this knowledge to assisting the management of our school’s teams and programs. Human resources, as well as human, public, and media relations will be studied within the context of the sports industry. Interactive team projects, guest speakers, and field

trips will enhance the classroom learning. A field practicum will be arranged for each student to assist with the management of one of the school teams on campus.


Members of the class may elect to take the course for 3 college credits from Dowling College.




Grades 9-12

Half Year, .5 Credit


Do you want to be a millionaire? The class will explore and analyze the basic business areas of management, economics and finance in today’s businesses. Students will develop an introductory knowledge of the stock market (the ABC’s of investing). We will also discuss stocks, mutual funds and 401(k) plans as retirement options. The

use of current events is stressed. This knowledge is applied to the challenges of investing. Students will relate how economic and business principles affect investments through video guest speakers, a stock market contest on the Internet, and classroom

lecture and activities. Students will also participate in the Newsday Stock Market Game.




MARKETS (5060)

Grades 11-12

Half Year, .5 Credit

3 College Credits – SUNY Farmingdale

Recommended Prerequisites: Wall Street I: Introduction to Investments or Permission of the Instructor


Do you want to be a billionaire? Imagine yourself being able to achieve your dreams. This course will give you the opportunity to explore investment opportunities. International finance and economics will be examined in a current context, including their impact and relationship to the US financial markets. Students will review stock market investing concepts and learn more advanced concepts and strategies

about the stock market. They also will be introduced to all types of investment classifications such as bonds, mutual funds, international investments and options and futures necessary to achieve a balanced portfolio. Guest speakers will update

students on current events and finance careers in the financial field and will enrich their

knowledge of investments.


Grades 10-12

Half Year, .5 Credit

Prerequisite: Keyboarding (half year)

This course will introduce students to desktop publishing principles and practices. Design and layout, placement and control of text, typography and fonts, graphics,

file formats, and the use of necessary software (Microsoft Publisher) and hardware (scanner, digital camera, and color printer) for various desktop publishing projects will be covered. The use of Microsoft Photo Editor will also be incorporated in this course.

Students will create a variety of documents such as newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, program flyers, and business cards. Design projects will go beyond the obvious as new project ideas and tips will unleash student creativity and help students tap the real

power of technology resources. Students will attain a high degree of proficiency for college use and marketable skills for employment.


Grades 11-12

Half Year, .5 – 2.5 Credits


Jump Start your future career by gaining valuable workplace opportunities in a paid, non-paid or community service position. Prepare yourself for college and the employment world. You will gain insight to the jobs of the 21st century and learn how to compete in the job market. Students in Career Jump Start will receive assistance in obtaining a workplace experience. Students need to be at least 16 years of age and be able to provide transportation to and from a workplace site. Students are not necessarily required to leave school early to take advantage of workplace opportunities.

Workplace experiences may vary from 3 to 28 hours a week. A student will receive 1⁄2 credit for the class and up to 2 credits for 600 hours of workplace experience. It is recommended that students take the Career Planning course before taking this


Career Jump Start students who possess a NY State junior driver license are permitted by the NYDMV to drive to school and then to the work site.



Grades 10-12

Half Year, .5 Credit

Where do I begin? What do I want to do with my life after graduation? What will I do with the rest of my life? Begin to plan your career through research and exploration activities. You will create a career plan to lay the foundation for sound career decision making. First you will explore “who you are” and what careers are best suited for you.

Class activities will include self-assessment, researching careers, identifying high school courses and college majors. You will then have the opportunity to explore a career extensively by participating in a shadowing experience. You will need to provide your own transportation to a designated shadowing site. Sites can be local or in New York City. Dare to dream your ideal job.